Normski is not a nickname, it’s a brand. Né Norman Anderson is the living impersonation of London’s urban and contemporary culture, and has had a prolific career in the field of music, television, photography, fashion and journalism.

He hosted several youth targeted TV shows for ITV1, Channel 4 (“Celebrity Detox”, “Raw Brittania”, “Board Stupid”), BBC2 (“Dance Energy”), had his slots on BBC Radio One (“Dance Energy Radio Show”), Kiss FM (“Rap Academy”) and BBC Radio 5 (“VIBE”) and stages his urban street culture photography at renowned galleries and exhibitions.

With this high-profile activity he soon became the spokesperson not only of a social fringe group but for a whole generation. Still after all this years on the circuit the phenomenon Normski is one of the key players on the hardest playgrounds in the world, London’s East End, presenting two weekly shows on Hoxton FM.

A father figure to some, a source of inspiration to many, his pre-eminent attitude makes Norman more of a real human being than a self-imposed character. To make a long story short: There are only a few people on this planet as universally gifted as Normski. And this makes it even more exciting for us to have him since 2010, from the very beginning of the IRF, as one of our anchor men and main speakers on our team.

After a one year hiatus the golden cockney tonsils return to our studio and will bless the world with his gospel. All hail Normski!