Balearic Brothers

The Brighton based Balearic Brothers, and their Balearic Jukebox brand have been turning
heads and making people smile on the South Coast’s sunshine worshiping music scene as
a DJ collective since 2007.
These champions of the most joyous and delirious musical selections possible, sourced
from a lifetime love of eclectic musical masterpieces, are shaking things up with their
interpretation of the classic Balearic Beat. At last there is a music scene developing for
people who want to hear a broad range of genre defying quality music played impeccably
to create a magical mystery tour through the night.

This is music that is the perfect soundtrack of the coolest bars, pubs and festival tents. This
is music to groove to on the beach as the sunset celebrates another gorgeous day spent by
the sea. This is music that can entertain lovers of eclectic diversity in the backrooms of the
best clubs in the world. This music knows no boundaries.

What is Balearic?

“Loads of hugs and kisses … smiley t-shirts and happy faces … feeling saucy instead of
sauced … eating fruits on the dance floor … bashed up Converse trainers … lovely girls with
blinding accents … ice pops … hedonism … sparklers at the Future … Indian belly dancers at
the Shoom … almost everyone finally realising that “only love can conquer hate” …
watching the sun set at the Café del Mar … watching the sun rise on Primrose Hill … the
Karma Collective … ponchos, pony tails and body paint … DJ Alfredo … new friendships …
loads more hugs and kisses … just let this piece of warm Anglo-Ibizan club culture rush
over you, enjoy it mateys!” (Terry Farley, Boys Own Fanzine)
The Balearic Brothers are fostering that spirit of adventure by joining the dots between the
past and the present to give an understanding of the historical musical significance of the
Balearic scene. It’s an underground movement which has developed and diversified away
from the glare of publicity for many years now, blending the old and the new to create a
distinctly happy smiley soundtrack for open-minded music lovers.
Having been involved in the music business for more than 25 years, they found themselves
at the forefront of the Balearic revival in the UK around 2006, playing DJ sets that range
from Café del Mar style sunsets, through to floor shaking, classic anthems.
The BB’s have entertained many happy people at a range of major events, including Camp
Bestival (for 8 consecutive years) supporting the likes of Florence and The Machine, Happy
Mondays, Grandmaster Flash, and Ralph Lawson (Back To Basics), whilst also hosting
Balearic legends such as Trevor Fung, Jon Marsh (Beloved), Phil Mison, Nicky Holloway and
Richard Norris (BTWS, The Grid) at their Balearic Jukebox club nights in Brighton.
In short, the Balearic Brothers consistently prove that they are purveyors of the finest
balearic beats, so please raise your hands if you understand!