Kelvedon Paint Run

The Kelvedon Bash Paint Run will bring an explosion of colour, fun, laughter and excitement that should not be missed by anyone attending the festival. The 3.5km fun run starts in the main arena field under a cloud of coloured powder paint (non-toxic & easy to wash off). The route takes you out of the fields and through the woods of the estate. At regular intervals, our marshals will be along the route waiting to bombard you with paint. Registration provides you with a white T-Shirt (which works out to be a lovely souvenir of the festival and will also vividly display our paint on you), a couple packets of paint and a finisher’s medal if you’re able to survive the barrage of powder from our marshals and your friends along the route.

This event is not being timed. It’s not about the quickest time, it’s about engaging in an activity with physical/health benefits and having fun at the same time. Get as much powder onto yourself as possible, laugh and enjoy the view (both the scenery and the painted runners) and you are a winner. Registration open to all. Under 18s would need permission from parents. Runners under 12 would have to be accompanied on the route by an adult over 18.