Festival Creche

Mortimer Nannies are the keepers of calm. Delighted to be attending Kelvedon, Mortimer Nannies will be providing day and night Boutique babysitting sessions for your little ones in their cosy yurt!

Mortimer have handpicked the best of their team to provide fun filled games, craft, make believe and movies so you can feast, relax, pamper or party the night away, knowing that your little ones will be safely cared for. An in-tent private Nanny service will also be available.




Mortimer Nannies Festival Babysitting


The Crèche will be open from 12pm – 12am and will run in 3 and 4 hour sessions. The proposed times are;

12-3pm, 4-7pm, 8pm-12am (these times are negotiable to suit festival activities/banquets/etc.)

Mission statement

All staff at Mortimer Nannies Festival Babysitting are committed to working in close partnership with parents/guardians and families and by doing so will ensure all the children attend the service in a warm, friendly and caring environment.  We provide a range of challenging and stimulating activities for children to help them develop their own potential. We are very ‘child led’ and ensure a high level of adult:child ratios and individual care.

Cost To customers

In the region of – £25 per day time session booked, £35 per night time session booked. (This service will be bookable via an Eventbrite page managed by Mortimer Nannies Festival Babysitting). A percentage of proceeds will be donated to a designated Children’s Charity named in advance of the festival.


The crèche will be staffed by volunteers who will work 4 hours per day on a rota system in return for festival access.

The majority of staff will be either fully qualified/experienced Nannies, all with CRB checks and usually with first aid and registered with Ofsted. The remainder of the staff working as ‘assistants’ will be professionals who work in an industry with children/vulnerable adults such as teachers, support workers, nurses, student Doctors, (again all will hold a CRB check).

We would need at least 25-30++ staff passes depending on the number of children the festival would require us to take and whether we need to provide a structure.

Ratios and Safety

Parents have to sign the children in and out of the Crèche, letting us know their location in the festival and providing an emergency telephone number. If the child has allergies/medication they will also have to sign additional documentation.

When planning we like to allow for a ratio of one member of staff to every 3 children, ideally with one or two ‘floating’ staff to deal with enquiries, sign the children in and out and head count throughout the activity. This ratio can be altered slightly when we have an idea of the ages of children attending. The amount of children we can take will depend on the amount of space we are allocated and the number of staff we are allowed to bring.


We generally try and keep the Crèche quite unstructured to avoid a ‘school’ environment as we find that with the madness and noisiness of the Festival the children find the toys and free play inside the yurt quite soothing. We tend to fill the yurt with toys such as cars, dolls, board games, jigsaws, books, crafts, play mobile, lego etc. Outdoors we have water, sand, bubbles, balls, bats, parachute games, junk modelling.

We can make more activity plans when we know numbers, ages etc but generally during the day we will offer a number of optional activities such as


Flower garland making

Headdress making

Face painting

Arts and Craft

Play Doh

During the 8pm-12am sessions there will be a children’s movie shown on a projector screen. We fill the crèche with beanbags, blankets, airbeds and pillows and the children then can lie down and fall asleep.  The night time sessions always tend to sell out in advance and we have a long waiting list.


Festival responsibility

The festival are to provide a safe area(situated away from loud noise, bars etc) with space for at least one yurt (approx. 24 foot in diameter) alongside some outdoor garden space (equal to the indoor space) for the children to play. The outdoor space should be fenced to prevent the general public wandering in and also the children wandering out!

To comply with regulations we need to be provided with at least 2 toilets (legally 1 per 10 children), hidden from the general public, exclusively for the children’s use that we can keep clean and hygienic.

Access to drinking water (this does not have to be exclusive access )


Mortimer Nannies responsibility

Mortimer Nannies Festival babysitting can source the yurt (s) and provide all toys/equipment within the area.

Mortimer Nannies are also open to running a ‘baby change’ and providing Nappies/Wipes and a changing/feeding area for Festival goers free of charge.


Mortimer Nannies will be covered by full crèche insurance